Ginny and Tom Wight lived in their house in Haverhill, Mass., for 51 years—a  large, comfortable home in a town where they raised their children, attended church and lived a full, enriching life.  When Tom began showing signs of dementia, Ginny’s children, who lived in Boulder, encouraged their parents to move closer.

Ginny was the primary caregiver for her husband. And while Ginny wanted to be closer to her children, she also wanted to maintain her independence and not impose on her kids. After looking at Flatirons Terrace, Ginny and Tom sold their home and made the move.

They were happy in their new home and never looked back.  Here, they could visit with their children and five grandchildren more, and enjoy new friendships within the Flatirons Terrace community. They joined Circle of Care, which connected them to local arts, activities and cultural events. In 2012, Tom passed away, and Ginny says she will never forget the outpouring of support she felt.  “We’re a group of peers who are at a certain point in our lives, and we understand and share a lot.”

Since losing her husband, Ginny has gotten out in the community more than she could while being a caregiver, venturing occasionally to the CU campus, in particular to attend the Conference on World Affairs. She loves her life at Flatrions Terrace because the services and support available there reduce the stress of living alone.

“There are activities every day if you want to participate. I go to the movies, attend shows at the Dairy Center for the Arts and go to exercise classes. I have my cat and I still sew and I cook.  The basic pattern of my life hasn’t changed.”

Life at Flatirons Terrace is what you make of it, and Ginny has made the most.