For Leasing Coordinator Nicole Pilger, working at Golden West gives her the chance to improve seniors’ quality of life. “They’ve raised their families and worked all these years; now it’s their time,” she said. And since living in Boulder can be an expensive feat for anyone — let alone seniors on a fixed income – she prides herself in representing an organization that provides affordable housing to the city’s senior population. “You’re serving,” she said. “There’s a better reward that comes with that.”

Having personally helped her mother move into assisted living, transition from California to Colorado and eventually move into long-term care, Nicole finds she’s easily able to connect with the families and seniors. “I understand what it’s like to choose your next home,” said Nicole. “It’s a scary thing to have any kinds of change, but I help to ease that transition and set their minds at ease.”

Having held numerous positions at senior care communities throughout the state, Nicole never tires of working with seniors. “Each has lived such an interesting life,” she said. “They’re like little history books walking around.” She loves finding a personal connection with every resident and learning what they have to teach her.

Nicole, like many of the residents, is entering a quieter time in life now that both her kids have graduated high school and are off to college. When she’s not at Golden West, she can be found enjoying Colorado’s beauty with her husband.