At Golden West, we’re proud to have a diverse group of residents. From centenarians to Baby Boomers, our residents run the gamut. This is due in part to the services we offer, independent and assisted living, which meet a wider range of needs. We’re also one of the few affordable senior housing options in a city where rent and home prices continue to rise every year.

But it’s not just the services or pricing that attract residents to our community, especially not the Baby Boomers. With seniors age 65 and older expected to comprise nearly a quarter of our population within the next half-century, Golden West has focused on adding offerings to better meet the needs of younger residents in search of a more active lifestyle. We sat down with a few of our Baby Boomers to hear what they had to say about living here; please note we’ve used fictious names to protect residents’ privacy. The resounding themes among them all were that our location, services and amenities, and residents and staff are the best parts of life at Golden West.

Location, Location, Location

Bill, one of our independent living residents, moved to Golden West from a neighborhood in Denver. “Over some time, neighborhoods can deteriorate,” Bill said. “It’s nice to be in a safer neighborhood again, especially as you get older.”

After living in a suburban neighborhood, Bill appreciates that we offer residents free parking spots in a city where parking is often a challenge. “I have a defined space where I park my classic Corvette,” Bill said. “It’s nice to not have to hunt for a space.” In the warmer months, he loves to let the Corvette’s top down and drive around the city.

“I like the location,” said Jill, an independent living resident. “Of all the senior housing in the area, it’s probably one of the best.” A Boulder resident since the late ‘70s, it’s the mountains and open spaces that drew her here. “I love that early on, Boulder set money aside for open space. It’s part of what I enjoy about living here. The animals are so close, sometimes they wander down into the city, plus we’re so close to Rocky Mountain National Park.” In addition to the natural beauty of Boulder, she enjoys the city’s walkability. Though she has a vehicle at our community, she said she rarely uses it. “I can walk a couple of blocks in either direction and get where I want to go.”

“It’s important to get out, but it’s good to stay in as well,” Jill said. With a one-bedroom apartment located halfway up one of our independent living buildings, The Towers, she spends mornings watching the sun rise above the trees and houses. Some mornings, she visits our Penthouse, where there are “incredible views on both the east and west sides.”

Services and Amenities

When she’s not found enjoying the stunning views of the Flatirons and CU Boulder from her apartment, or the natural and cultural amenities of Boulder, Jill takes advantage of the numerous amenities at Golden West. With a plot in the garden, she grows fresh herbs for cooking. She also eagerly awaits the Boulder International Film Festival each year. “I used to go to almost all the films, but now they bring them here.” And though she’s still enjoying an active lifestyle, she knows that “If I ever had an accident or needed help, assisted living is right next door.”

Other residents echoed the same sentiment. “I have some medical issues. And while I live in the independent living, they also have assisted living if my health took a turn for the worse,” Bill said.

The People

Though Bill knows assisted living is always an option if needed, he’s focused on enjoying his health — he joked that it’s nice to be one of the younger people for once.

Another Boomer resident Jennifer likes to focus on the good in her life. “My parents taught me that even though I’m disabled, to be the best I can and not let life get me down.”

Jennifer’s positivity makes her a joy to be around. Our staff always looks forward to spending time with her, and she enjoys their presence as well. “The nurses in assisted living are wonderful, and the staff at Golden West are just super.” Jennifer said, “If you need to move here, you will be taken care of and you will meet wonderful people.”

“I never thought I would live here, but now I’m here and love it,” Jennifer said.

Want to learn more about what life at Golden West is like? View our resident testimonials or call 303.444.3967 to schedule a tour.