Senior Transportation Options in Boulder

Seniors in Boulder have several transportation options at their fingertips. For those looking to explore Boulder County or interested in getting out of town, there are many discounted and low-cost services available.

A variety of resources, classes and programs are designed specifically to help older adults get where they’re going, whether in need of a ride or looking to brush up on driving skills. With winter just around the corner, many of us are already considering the safest, most convenient way to get around town—after all, who wants to stay cooped up just because it’s getting colder outside?

Here are just a few convenient ways to get around the Front Range without breaking the bank.


Via is a popular transportation option offering flexible shared rides on demand. Their paratransit service offers “door-through-door assistance,” supporting seniors and people with disabilities to get to top destinations in the area with ease. In addition to providing rides, Via offers travel training to help people learn how to safely navigate RTD and public transit. They also offer a separate transportation service called The Climb for those living in western Boulder’s mountain communities, so residents who don’t have convenient access to public transportation can safely and cost-effectively commute to parts of Boulder and metro Denver.

Visit or call (303) 444-3043 to learn more.

RTD Access-a-Ride

Access-a-Ride is available for those who are unable to get to and from a bus stop or cannot safely board and deboard a lift-equipped bus alone. It is also available for those with a cognitive disability that interferes with the ability to understand how to independently take a bus trip. With Access-a-Ride, passengers can book their travel one to three days in advance to any location within 3/4 mile of an existing RTD transit stop. Fare starts at $5.

Visit RTD’s website or call (303) 299-2960 to learn more.

AAA Colorado

For senior drivers looking to refresh their road skills, AAA Colorado has partnered with AARP to offer affordable and safe driver courses, both online and in-person. The online RoadWise course starts at $20 and offers tips for staying safe against distractions and aggressive driving. It also provides information on managing visibility on the road. According to AAA, taking this class can make you eligible for discounted car insurance. In-person driving lessons are available throughout Boulder and Denver at several locations, shown on this interactive map.

Visit AAA Colorado’s website or call (877) 476-1254 to learn more

eGo CarShare

eGo is an excellent option for those who would prefer to drive but don’t currently own a car. The car share service is simple, cheap and more convenient than a normal car rental service. Using a program like eGo, individuals can borrow a car for short-term travel, paying only for the distance used. Rates can vary depending on whether you have a free or paid membership but start as low as $4.50 per hour (plus mileage). Gas and insurance are both covered under membership and drivers can pick from a wide range of cars available at pickup and drop-off locations around Boulder and Denver.

Visit or call (303) 720-1185 to learn more.

There are several more transportation options available throughout Boulder County, including many that offer special discounts or services for veterans, people with disabilities and more. The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council developed TransitOptions as a tool to help people connect with the right transportation options in their area. Additionally, the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging has several resources on their website that cover all types of transportation needs.