March 27, 2020

As of today, Golden West has no confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 cases.

In compliance with Governor Polis’ Stay at Home order, we shared the order details with residents:

  • The State of Colorado has issued a Stay at Home Order
  • The order went into effect on 3/25/2020 and remains in effect until 4/11/2020
  • The order requires people to remain at home except for essential activities
  • Essential activities include medical appointments and going to get medications and groceries
  • The order also allows for going outside for exercise and walking pets
  • However, individuals must practice social distancing and remain six feet away from others at all times

We’re continuing with all the preventative measures:

  • Limiting access and screening all employees and essential care providers
  • No group activities
  • No group meal service
  • Removal of furniture to discourage gatherings
  • Staff holding meetings using Zoom
  • Reminders about social distancing. For purposes of this Order, Social Distancing Requirements includes all of the following:
    • Maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals
    • Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer when hand-sinks are not available
    • Covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands)
    • Regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces
    • Not shaking hands

Continuing our communication efforts and engaging residents

  • LifeShare is our internal station residents can access from their apartments on channel 14
  • Printed notices in our building
  • Coronavirus Information Phone Line, ext. 1530 or 303-939-0530
  • Channel 14 In-House TV – Live broadcast with updates on the situation every Monday at 2 pm
  • Monthly resident newsletter will be delivered as usual
  • Working on providing additional activities for residents to enjoy in their apartments, including:
    • Weekly live updates about the virus: Mondays at 2pm on channel 14
    • Pictionary, daily at 9am on channel 14
    • Chair Yoga, Tuesdays and Thursdays with Legacy at 2pm on channel 14
    • Seated Dance, Wednesdays with Legacy at 9:30am on channel 14 (starts April 1)
    • Guided Meditation on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at 1pm on channel 14 (starts April 10)
  • In addition, Resident Programs staff is working on additional ideas

March 24, 2020

Golden West has been dedicated to serving older adults for over 50 years, and the safety and well-being of our residents has always been a top priority.

Over the last two weeks, we have been focused on implementing procedures to help protect residents and staff from COVID-19, the coronavirus. Those include promoting social distancing, limiting and screening visitors, ceasing group activities, changing our meal service and more. We thank all our staff who have worked so diligently to get the procedures in place and with such positive attitudes; we truly have a great team!

We also want to thank our residents and families for their support and understanding as we’ve implemented safeguards that have disrupted their daily lives. The Golden West community is full of caring people and our residents and families have been very supportive of the staff, new procedures and each other.

As of today, Golden West has no confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 and we are continuing with preventative measures. We limited entrance to the building to staff and individuals providing essential care for a resident. Entry to the building is only available at the West entrance, door #4, and all staff and essential care providers are screened, including temperature checks, prior to entering. And we will continue taking actions to protect residents. We recently closed the Beauty Salon and removed furnishings from public areas to discourage groups from gathering. We are continuously monitoring the situation and following the guidance of the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Boulder County Health Department and, of course, orders from the Governor.

During the next week, we will focus on how to bring more activities and entertainment to the residents in their apartments. We will use our in-house TV channel to broadcast exercise programs, activities and live interviews, in addition to the movies we currently show. Our wonderful activities department is exploring options for other activities that residents could participate in from the doorway of their apartments (Hallway Bingo!) and volunteers have offered to call residents, run errands or help in other ways. We encourage your phone calls, letters and emails as well.

One of the most important things during times like these is communication. Golden West has added a Coronavirus Information phone line. Residents can dial extension 1530 from their apartment phone to hear a recording of the actions being taken and updates. Families and friends may also call the line at 303-939-0530. We continue to use LifeShare as the primary internal communication tool and will continue to use this e-Newsletter, our website and Facebook to communicate with families and friends. Please consider using the LifeShare app to stay up to date on what’s happening at Golden West. Use the link below from your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page, and download the App:

LifeShare Family Mobile App
Community Pin: IL1055

If you have questions, please contact: Donna Ruske, or Stephanie Schuler,

March 19, 2020

As news of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to move quickly in Colorado, we will keep providing updates from Golden West. As of March 17, 2020, there are NO confirmed OR presumptive cases of COVID-19, the coronavirus at Golden West.

We have taken the actions below to help keep our residents safe and healthy; bold items are the most recent additions to our precautions:

  • Visitor entry is limited to the West Entrance (Door #4)
  • Only essential visitors will be allowed entry
    • Essential visitors are those that provide care that is necessary for the physical and mental wellbeing of the resident
  • All staff and visitors are being screened
  • No one will be allowed entry who:
    • Has any sign of illness (fever, cough or respiratory condition) or been exposed to anyone with illness within the last two weeks
    • Has traveled from an area with a high incidence of illness within the last 14 days
    • Has flown on a plane in the last 14 days
  • Visitors and staff are directed to clean their hands upon entering the building
  • Group activities and meal service in the dining rooms have been canceled
    • Meals are being delivered to apartments in the Mezzanine
    • Meals are available for delivery to Towers apartments or for take out
  • Reminders to staff and residents to maintain a 6-foot distance from others, whenever possible
  • Residents are welcome to leave Golden West to stay with family or friends
  • LifeShare is our electronic notice system and our primary internal communication tool. To keep up to date on the information shared with residents, please download the LifeShare app

March 13, 2020

News is moving quickly right now, for all of us. Because COVID-19 has been discovered in Colorado, we want to share several pieces of information with you today, and we will continue to provide updates as necessary.

First, there are NO suspected, presumptive or confirmed cased of the coronavirus – COVID-19 at Golden West.

Today, these are the actions we are taking to help keep our residents safe and healthy:

  • Limiting entry to our community. Only essential visitors will be allowed entry. Essential visitors are immediate family, medical staff and homecare staff
  • All visitors will be required to answer screening questions
  • Refusing entry to anyone who has any sign of illness (fever, cough or respiratory condition) or been exposed to anyone with illness within the last two weeks
  • Refusing entry to anyone who has traveled from an area with a high incidence of illness within the last two weeks
  • Requiring all staff and visitors to clean their hands upon entering the building
  • Canceling group activities, including meals in the main dining room – meals are still available for delivery to apartments or for take out
A Letter From Our President on COVID-19
Washing your hands for 20 seconds is the most effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19.

The health of our residents and staff is our number one priority so we are taking precautions to keep them safe. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions, please contact: Donna Ruske, or Stephanie Schuler,