Construction Updates from Golden West

To keep the Golden West community updated on our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Renovation Project, this page will provide weekly construction updates moving forward. Updates can also be found in our “Community Update” newsletter and our community’s LifeShare monitors.

September 14, 2020

Good Afternoon!

  • Wall framing is being put in place behind the temporary barriers on the Central Tower’s first floor for the newly reconfigured layout of the Beauty Shop, Wellness Center and public restrooms.
  • Work on the entry canopy was paused last week due to the unseasonably cold temperatures and snow, but work should resume shortly.
  • Renovation of elevator #2 is nearing completion, and it may be operational starting the week of September 21. Once the elevator is back in service, workers will begin renovating elevator #1 and work until early November.
  • Central Tower apartment renovations will begin before the end of the year, possibly as soon as November. Last week, contractors finished measuring resident apartments for new kitchen cabinets and entry doors. I will provide additional information as scheduling details become firm.
  • Notices were delivered to resident mailboxes last week regarding significant plumbing projects happening this week. The first project only affects the Mezzanine and requires the heating system to be deactivated through Friday, September 18 for workers to install new piping.
  • The second project will require the water to be shut off between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. on Thursday, September 17. This will affect the Mezzanine and both Towers, and the Towers will be without heat as well since our heating system uses hot water. The water MAY return prior to 6 a.m. for the Towers, but the Mezzanine will likely go without for the full 12-hour period.
  • On Monday, September 21, contractors will measure all Mezzanine windows from the outside of the building using a mobile lift. Parking and traffic flow in the east parking lot may be disrupted slightly. This process will take half a day to complete, with a few minutes on each apartment.
  • On Tuesday, September 22, contractors, accompanied by a Golden West staff member, will measure all South Tower windows from inside residents’ apartments. This is expected to take a full day, and residents do not need to be present. Notices will be delivered soon with more details.

Thank you for your patience as we continue these much-needed projects. Please continue to check the LifeShare monitors and Channel 14 for important construction updates.

September 1, 2020

Good Afternoon!

  • Construction at Golden West has entered a new phase, with many areas of the Central Tower on the first floor behind temporary barriers. Hopefully, you have taken a few moments to familiarize yourself with the new pathways created to navigate through the building on the first floor. The areas under renovation are the former mailbox location, the public restrooms, the new locations for the Beauty Shop, Wellness Center, and the Reception Desk, the staircase from the lobby to the second floor, and the Ponderosa dining room. These areas are expected to be under renovation for about three months.
  • As many of you may have noticed, the entry canopy has been lifted into place. There is additional finish work to be done, including brickwork, painting and lighting, but you can now see the general shape and size of the structure.
  • Renovation of elevator #2 in the Central Tower continues. During the week of September 7, a portion of Adams Circle immediately in front of Golden West will be closed to allow a crane to lift the new mechanical system to the top of the elevator shaft and remove the old equipment. If all goes to plan, elevator #2 should be completed by mid-September. After elevator #2 is operational, workers will move immediately to elevator #1 for its renovation, which will take four to six weeks to complete.
  • Development of the apartment renovation schedule for the Central Tower is underway. It will likely be a few months before this phase starts, but I wanted to give some notice now that we are in the planning stages. I recognize that residents will have many questions about this phase, as it affects them directly in their homes. Certainly, we will provide more specific information in the coming weeks as we work out the details.
  • Many very good things are coming to Golden West. Thank you for your patience!

Please continue to check the LifeShare monitors and Channel 14 for important construction updates.

August 17, 2020

  • The renovation of the East Entrance continues.
  • Workers have begun renovating the Central Tower elevators and are currently upgrading Elevator #2, which will take about four weeks. After that, work on Elevator #1 begins. If possible, please try and schedule errands for early morning or late afternoon when there is less foot traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Electrical work is going on in the ceiling of the Central Tower’s first floor. The main hallway will be closed during the day this week and traffic rerouted through the dining room; it will reopen during the evenings and overnight.
  • While work on the East Parking Lot is ongoing, residents are asked to use the north end of the east parking lot for storage. Take care as this will change traffic flow from a one-way loop to two two-way lanes.
  • On Monday, August 24, work will begin on the public areas of the first-floor hallway and the main dining room, to last for about three months. The pantry will remain open with one door only, and the main hallway will be narrowed with a pathway remaining to the Central Tower elevator. In addition, traffic to the north building will be routed through the administrative office area and out by the Mezzanine and Door #5, and the stairwell will be closed from the second floor to the first. Note that we are currently working on obtaining access to the laundry card machine.

Please continue to check the LifeShare monitors for important construction updates.
Thank you for your patience!

July 20, 2020

Good Afternoon!

  • As I mentioned last week, the architects have determined how to adjust the plans to accommodate the underground remnants of the old canopy support posts. Hopefully, construction of the new support posts will resume this Thursday, July 23rd, as expected. If there is further delay, it may be the beginning of August before construction can resume on the new entryway.
  • Also mentioned last week, the first-floor sewer pipes of the Central Tower were fully scoped with a small video camera to determine the extent of deterioration discovered when the pipes were uncovered for reconfiguration of the area of the former Beauty Shop and public restrooms. Unfortunately, additional problem areas were discovered that will require replacement of significant sections of the pipes. As many of you have likely heard today, jackhammering has begun to remove concrete flooring to access those pipes. Please expect this to continue for the next few days.
  • Our general contractor, Palace, has indicated that renovation of the Towers elevators will begin soon. This will require that one elevator is placed out of service at a time so that workers can replace all of the elevator’s mechanical components. We will update you once plans have been finalized, but I wanted to let you know that this was coming, as it will disrupt use of one Towers elevator once the project begins.

Please continue to check the LifeShare monitors for important construction updates.

June 29, 2020

Good Afternoon!

  • Last week, the entry canopy, its supporting structure and sidewalk were all demolished and removed. The new sidewalk will be constructed with an ice melt system that will improve our ability to keep the walkway clear during the winter.
  • Work on the canopy’s new supporting structure begins this week, which, unfortunately, means continued noise at our front entrance.
  • For safety purposes, we’re advising residents to avoid the east sidewalk in front of the construction fencing, since much work will take place on the Central Tower’s east main entrance during this first phase of renovation.
  • Last week, we began work on the northernmost part of the Central Tower’s first floor, in the former Beauty Shop, Wellness Center and men’s and women’s restrooms. Construction crews demolished large sections of the concrete floor to reroute underground plumbing. While noisy work will continue in this area for many more weeks, there should now be less jackhammering.
  • Through Wednesday, construction workers are conducting exploratory work on the Central Tower’s first floor, including in the main lobby and Ponderosa dining room, where they will be following plumbing and electrical system paths. We will update residents as this preparation for upcoming work continues.
  • As a reminder, construction hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Construction News - East Entry Teardown 3
Construction News - East Entry Teardown 2

Please note that some of these dates may move, but we will make every effort to keep you notified of changes and developments as we learn additional information. Please continue to check our LifeShare monitors for important construction updates.

June 19, 2020

Good Afternoon!

  • As mentioned last week, work is currently happening in the former mailbox area and main entry vestibule. If you’ve been near that area, you may have seen the floor-to-ceiling plastic barrier.
  • Electricians continue to work on temporarily relocating the main entry vestibule’s fire panel so renovations can begin in that area. This requires we have a third-party service walk the entire community continuously for several days to rule out any issues with the fire system. You may have seen this gentleman today, who is wearing a security uniform.
  • Work is scheduled to begin on the entry canopy next week. Please be prepared for an extended period of noise at the front of the Central Tower, as the old canopy, supporting structure and sidewalk must all be removed.
  • Work will also begin next week in the northernmost part of the Central Tower’s first floor, near the Beauty Shop, Wellness Center and former Computer Center. Construction staff will be erecting temporary walls and demolishing the concrete floor to reroute some underground plumbing, so please prepare for noise here as well.
  • As a reminder, construction hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please note that some of these dates may move. We will make every effort to keep you notified of changes and developments as we learn additional information. Please also continue to check the LifeShare monitors for important construction updates.

June 8, 2020

Construction on the Central Tower’s first floor officially begins today. First, electricians are temporarily relocating the main entry vestibule’s fire panel; please note a third-party service will be on campus for several days to check for fire system issues.

The week beginning Monday, June 15, work will continue for the main entry vestibule and former mailbox area. The week of Monday, June 22, work will start on the new entryway canopy and on the first floor near the beauty shop, wellness center and former computer center. Please prepare for some noise as temporary walls are erected and concrete flooring is demolished to make way for plumbing.

As announced last week, the resident computer center has been relocated to the Aspen Room Penthouse, and the construction office has been set up in our west parking lot. Electrical and internet services are being installed there on Wednesday, June 10, causing a temporary loss of hot water from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Going forward, construction hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The construction schedule for Towers resident apartments and assisted living is still under development, but we will post details as they are finalized.

June 1, 2020

Towers construction is officially set to begin on Monday, June 8. This first phase, which will last six months, will only affect the Central Tower’s first floor, including our main entryway, lobby, wellness center, beauty shop, dining room, reception desk and administrative offices.

To address social distancing concerns, our team recently drew up a revised construction schedule to give us time to put additional procedures in place that limit contact between construction workers, residents and staff. Going forward, we will provide advance notice of any periodic closures related to these changes.

Additionally, on Thursday, June 4, the resident computer center will be temporarily relocated to the Aspen Room Penthouse, while our construction team’s office will take up residence in the west parking lot, near the loading ramp.