Erin Gillies

Our new Assisted Living Coordinator (ALC) Erin Gillies is excited to share her 13 years of senior living experience to her new role at Golden West: leading the Mezzanine staff in making sure our assisted living residents receive the best possible care.

Taking over for Jenny Callihan, Erin will focus on hiring, scheduling, and training a team of 13 caregivers and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel, or QMAPs, leading the orientation process when new staff come onboard and helping new residents adjust to the Golden West community.

“I’ll be working with the Mezzanine’s two team leads to serve as additional support for our caregivers and QMAPs,” said Erin. “We’ll be the ones who make up shifts if a staff member is absent and the ones on call if something happens.”

Erin said she is pleased her new role allows her to continue working on the floor, where she has enjoyed getting to know all 33 of the Mezzanine’s assisted living residents since joining the Mezzanine team as a QMAP in April 2020.

“My favorite aspect of senior living has always been getting to know the residents, hearing their stories and getting advice,” said Erin. “During COVID, we worked with residents less in groups and more one-on-one, which really helped me get to know them more intimately.”

In addition to certification as a QMAP, Erin is trained in first aid and CPR. She also has her medical assistant degree and did her internship at the assisted living community where she worked at the time.

Before coming to Golden West, Erin worked at various senior living communities as a caregiver and an assisted living coordinator, originally starting out in memory care.  “At Golden West, I like the location, and I really like that it is a nonprofit.”

Erin hails from the nearby town of Lyons, Colorado, and enjoys working in her garden, knitting and crafting, hanging out on St. Vrain Creek, and other “outdoorsy” pursuits like hiking and skiing.

As she prepares to take on her new role at Golden West, Erin has been considering a few changes she thinks would improve department efficiency. Having worked in the Mezzanine for more than a year, Erin said she thinks organization is the key.

“There are opportunities to organize and update some things within our department, and also bringing the staff together again,” said Erin. “Before COVID, we worked on each individual floor, so getting that teamwork together is huge.”