Pile of coins and sprout fundraising for nonprofits like Golden West

In an uncertain time as we experienced in 2020, donations to Golden West were an extremely important gift that helped us cover many expenses beyond the normal – from PPE to disposable food delivery containers. But beyond 2020 and 2021, fundraising will continue to have a huge impact on our mission to enhance seniors’ lives in Boulder County.

For more than 50 years, Golden West has been providing quality affordable housing for seniors as an alternative to the high cost of living in Boulder County. In 1986, we created a separate nonprofit organization, the Golden West Foundation, to help maintain those affordable housing and services local seniors and their families depend on.

Today, the Golden West Foundation provides support to help us deliver numerous services for our residents who may at times need assistance, including rent and food subsidies, equipment for those with impaired vision and hearing, funding for wellness and exercise programs, critical infrastructure improvements and furnishing common areas throughout the community.

Making a tax-deductible donation to the Golden West Foundation brings about benefits for all: low-income seniors benefit by continuing to lead a happy, healthy life while aging in place, while donors benefit from knowing they are having a positive effect on the lives of Boulder’s seniors.

In 2020, your donations to the Golden West Foundation were especially impactful. Most importantly, your donations helped ensure the ongoing safety and comfort of our community during the pandemic, helping with the additional costs imposed by the need for additional PPE and disposable one-time use products—all necessary items that added costs to our operating budget.

In addition to funding rent and food subsidies for low-income residents, your donations in 2020 also supplemented our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Renovation Project, allowing us to update the fitness equipment in our Wellness Center. Your 2020 donations also went toward our Personal Needs Fund, which purchases walkers, wheelchairs, eyeglasses and other accessibility devices for residents who need them.

To support these crucial services and more, fundraising — from everyday donations to our Annual Friends and Family Campaign — remains critically important to nonprofits like Golden West. Would you like to ensure our residents can always call Golden West home? Visit our Colorado Gives page to make a tax-deductible donation to the Golden West Foundation today.