Senior woman at Golden West using remote control technology tools for older adults

We all want to age actively and independently. Luckily, as our world becomes more technology-oriented, companies are designing fascinating new tech tools that can help older adults do just that. Whether your goal is keeping in touch with friends, tracking your health goals, staying entertained, or just remaining self-sufficient for as long as possible, this list offers an overview of some helpful tools that are easy for seniors to use every day.

For an easier digital experience:

Some tech companies make oversized digital tablets designed for seniors. The GrandPad Senior Tablet runs a version of Android that is easier to use than typical devices, has larger icons and text if you have vision issues and is designed more intuitively for easier navigation.

For staying healthy and fit:

Companies such as FitBit make wearable technology to track your health and physical fitness, and users can sync their trackers and watches with their phones to monitor fitness, sleep patterns, and more. These devices are especially good for those who need reminders to take their daily walk or keep up other habits, and there are numerous companies making these products specifically for seniors.

For keeping on top of medications:

Medication reminder devices can be a great resource for tracking your medication schedules. There are a range of offerings available with different services, products and prices. Start your search for the right choice with a third-party reviewer like HealthLine.

For overall assistance at home:

For older adults who enjoy Amazon AI technology, the Echo Dot is a voice-activated and controlled speaker that uses Alexa technology to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, and set timers and alarms. Read a review here about some of the latest offerings with good price points.

For changing channels with ease:

Big-buttoned remote controls are great for helping seniors with poor eyesight, Alzheimer’s, or dementia control their televisions more easily. Brands like Flipper feature a simpler design with only six buttons: one button for on and off, two for channel-changing, and two for volume, plus the mute button.

For keeping in touch with loved ones:

Video conferencing platforms like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom calls can be a useful alternative for seniors to keep in touch. Golden West offers Wi-Fi throughout the community, so it’s easy to use aids like these to stay engaged with friends, enroll in Zoom classes, attend telehealth appointments and more.

For tracking down lost items:

Some tech companies are selling products that help people find items they use every day that easily go missing. These stick-on GPS devices can be attached to household items like remotes, keys and glasses cases, and employ Bluetooth technology that can be activated via a smartphone app to find an item.

For older adults, becoming familiar with technology is essential — these days, when it comes to solving a problem or accomplishing a task, sometimes tech is your only option! You can search online to learn more about these product details and price points, but in the meantime, we hope that now you’ll be more likely to explore new technology when it crosses your path.