Welcoming New Residents

We are pleased to be welcoming many new residents now that the construction to upgrade and modernize our community is finished. One of the first orders of business when a new resident moves in is to help them get settled and ensure they feel welcome.

After the flurry of activities involved in choosing a senior living community, packing up belongings, then unpacking, new residents may find themselves feeling disconnected in their new home when the move-in process is over. That’s why we have a welcoming process and resident team in place to ensure new residents get settled and begin to truly feel like part of the community.

Community Dining Rooms

Our community dining rooms are a great place for new residents to meet new friends. Lunch is served daily in the Independent Living Towers dining room and our Assisted Living residents receive three delicious and healthy meals per day, which means three great opportunities to meet other residents and strike up a conversation. Our dining room teams strive to get to know a new resident’s preferences, and nobody eats alone unless they just prefer it that way.

Lots of Activities to Choose From

To encourage socialization, we provide residents with a full calendar of activities to participate in. From fitness and art classes, to live performances and group outings, there is always an opportunity for new residents to connect with others who share their interests. Even if a new resident doesn’t consider themselves a “joiner” (yet!), there is movie night, TED talks, and outings to local museums or community events where they can get to know others without being part of an official group.

Our Director of Resident Programs, Jill Moore, has many years of experience creating recreational activities and events specifically for seniors and she works hard to make sure everything is accessible to all community members regardless of their physical capabilities.

Forming Connections

The best “welcome wagon” are current residents. Our staff facilitates opportunities for new residents to get engaged in the community like our “Welcome to the Neighborhood Meet & Greet, “but it’s the residents who already feel at home who make it successful by introducing themselves and happily answering questions or offering advice about the various clubs and activities the new resident might like. Their simple friendly gestures like inviting someone new to the community to join them for a meal makes a big impact.

Residents in clubs may ask newcomers to be on their team for a board game or if they would like to come along on a group outing. These friendly invitations make new residents feel included and make it easier for them to meet more people they have things in common with. A connected community is strong and vibrant, and our residents are known for making everyone feel welcomed.