Golden West offers a culture of wellness and support for the residents who make their home here. In addition to the services and amenities included in the monthly fee, residents also have access to so much more.

To support the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our residents our leadership team arranges for important and convenient services and activities in the community that are accessible to all. Many of these services and activities are free or available for a low cost.

We encourage self-care to help reduce stress and promote relaxation with frequent yoga classes and guided meditation sessions. Yoga improves balance, mobility and strength while mediation helps with focus, cognitive awareness and promotes better sleep.

To encourage physical activity, which is linked to better health in almost all aspects of life, we have beautifully maintained walking paths, a wellness center with exercise equipment, numerous exercise classes and fun games like virtual bowling and ping pong on the calendar weekly. 

Religious services are scheduled on campus along with mindfulness sessions and educational and entertaining presentations from nationally known authors and spiritual teachers.

Golden West also provides convenient services like hosting a physical and occupational therapy provider, a footcare provider, a dermatologist for skin cancer screenings and hearing aid services to clean devices and replace batteries to ensure they are in good working order. In the Mezzanine, our assisted living community, we have medication management assistance and there is always staff on duty 24 hours a day for assistance as needed.  Assisted living residents also have emergency alert pendants to summon aid if needed, for a sense of security and peace of mind.

Other popular programs include the Boulder Public Library book deliveries, the community share food truck and grocery delivery service. Our Golden Buddies group helps new residents get settled in and everyone is encouraged to be involved in all aspects of daily life here. We have a resident council and resident committees such as floor representatives and programs to ensure all residents have the opportunity to be involved and are heard about any issues or needs they may have. The food council meets with our chef to ask questions, make requests and provide feedback about our dining program. 

Golden West Senior Living is so much more than housing. We are a community of friends and neighbors who work together with the leadership team to support each other and make this a wonderful place to call home.