Meet Golden West Resident Marie K.

Marie is a long-time Golden West resident who lived in The Towers for seven years before moving to The Mezzanine, where she’s lived for the past three years.

‘I’m so glad I’m here. When I needed a little extra help, they provided it for me. There are a lot of activities to choose from and it’s very flexible. I never feel tied down,” Marie says.

Marie’s family immigrated from Germany, and she learned to speak English when she started kindergarten in her hometown of Chicago Illinois. Her husband’s work as an aerospace engineer brought them to Colorado where they raised four children and she worked for 25 years at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

“I was in another department when they asked if anyone could help in mathematics. I said, ‘sure I can write out all those formulas.’ This was before there were computers! Marie ended up working in the Mathematics department for 10 years and in the Electrical and Computing Engineering departments for 15. Since I retired, of course, everything is done on a computer,” Marie says.

She came to Golden West partly because she had so enjoyed campus life and liked being near where she had worked for so long. Her children were happy she chose a comfortable, safe and beautiful community that offered a lot of activities. Marie especially appreciates how the Golden West team supports wellness and says it never feels crowded even though there are a lot of people to do things with. She also enjoys the beautiful views, especially overlooking the university, and all the nice paths for walking.

“If you like to walk, this is the place for you. It’s a fun place and the people are so pleasant here. No one ever feels left out. You can always get what you need, too. The staff is extremely organized and really have their act together,” Marie says.