Most nonprofits and charitable organizations receive 50% of their total donations for the year in the month of December. The reasons for end-of-year giving vary, but as the holidays approach our altruistic nature tends to kick in more strongly, inspiring our generosity more this time of year. The motivation to give is magnified as we gather around the Thanksgiving table or for other holiday celebrations and we are reminded of the good things we have in life that others less fortunate than ourselves may not.

Nonprofits and other charitable organizations would not exist without donations and many rely on end-of-year-giving to continue providing their support and services in the coming year to those who need it the most. This is certainly true of Golden West Communities and our nonprofit mission to continue being Boulder’s largest provider of senior housing with services. Donor generosity truly makes a difference in the lives of the seniors who call our community home. Donated funds go toward our rent and food subsidy programs for the lowest-income residents and also support our Personal Needs Fund which provides wheelchairs, walkers, eyeglasses, dentures, and other mobility and accessibility devices for seniors living here.  And this year, donations may be used to help rebuild the operating reserves, which have been depleted covering the extra expenses and loss of revenue related to the pandemic.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to help others. Every donation no matter the amount is immediately put to good use at Golden West to ensure our residents have a safe place to live with the services they need to enjoy their retirement. We make it easy to support seniors living here through the Golden West Foundation’s Friends and Family Campaign where you can make a secure donation any time of year. We also participate in Colorado Gives Day coming up on December 6. While the official day is December 6, you can schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation anytime to make a difference in the lives of Boulder seniors and their families and get something in return, a boost to your health!

Research shows that giving to others makes us feel better about ourselves and gives our mental and physical health a boost by lowering stress and anxiety levels. In fact, giving to others is a gift you can give yourself this holiday season.

As you gather with friends and family for holiday celebrations we hope you will be inspired by this “season of end-of-year giving “and make a donation to support Colorado nonprofits and charitable organizations so they can continue doing the good work that makes our state a better place to live for everybody.