Doris got to know Golden West while on vacation visiting her daughter in Boulder and was impressed by how friendly and welcoming the residents and staff were and with all the community activities. She was still busy working as a medical staff manager in New York, but when it came time to retire, moving into the Towers was an easy choice.

Doris led a very active New York City lifestyle during her career as a medical manager for Mount Sinai Hospital, a career that indulged her love of everything medical. However, after a hip replacement surgery, she wanted a more relaxed lifestyle near family and retired from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary with Mount Sinai and headed West to Boulder.

“At my last visit, people were so welcoming and friendly, so prepared to bring you into the circle. After that, I told myself this is it, the place for me, and I made an excellent decision,” Doris said.

Doris still stays active serving as a Towers floor representative, attending the many fitness classes offered each week, and enjoys going on the monthly resident lunch outings. She is also involved in the community’s music and dance activities and is a member of the drama club.  Right now the club is preparing for its next performance this summer.

“The performances vary greatly and anyone can participate. There is no memorization required, we keep our scripts with us, which encourages participation and has met with a lot of success,” Doris said.

Doris is also very involved with the Golden West Resident Council and serves on the Resident Advisory Board, something new the Council adopted to streamline the process for residents to bring their concerns and requests to Golden West’s management team. The Advisory board members run the monthly Resident Council meetings and are available to hear residents’ concerns/suggestions and will share those with management.

“I’m serving on the Resident Council because I have so much invested in living here and I want to make The Towers the best possible place to live. I feel like I am approachable so residents are comfortable talking to me about their issues or ideas and I like being their spokesperson and representative to management,” Doris said.