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Getting together with other members of the community is rewarding. In addition to ongoing social interactions and daily routines, residents can participate in a wide range of programs, activities and events at our community. You might join others in games and conversation, or take part in resident council meetings, informational presentations, coffee and discussion groups, craft and exercise classes, bridge groups, writing groups and knitting groups. Even those who don’t consider themselves “joiners” will find themselves drawn into the action here at Golden West.

Events for Seniors in Boulder, CO

Art Class

During our art classes, Golden West residents get a chance to express themselves through a combination of color, imagination and creativity. Residents feel alive as they brush the canvas with color, making landscapes, people and objects appear. Instructors help attendees refine their concept and technique, leading to wonderful works we appreciate every day.

Art Class for Seniors in Boulder, CO
Senior Living Resident Council - Boulder, CO

Resident Council

We have an active Resident Council here at Golden West. In the meetings, residents get the opportunity to collaborate with staff members to address various issues impacting their lives and to influence positive change for the Golden West community. This committee is, without doubt, integral to the workings at Golden West, allowing all residents to voice concerns and for staff to better engage with the folks who live within these walls.

Theatre Group

In this lively collection of people from our senior living community, attendees read scripts, act out scenes from their favorite plays and engage in drama. This troupe brings humor and spectacle to the “stage” as they practice their favorite characters. We encourage new attendees to captivate this crowd with their talent. Drama required!

Senior Theatre Group

Game Night

Come get your game on at our game nights! Our residents enjoy lively gatherings to play classic games with fellow community members. From Bingo to Mah Jong to Scrabble, game night requires you to bring your strategy and your fun side.

Book Club

One of the best ways to create friendships is through a love of books. Come imagine new worlds, envision characters and travel the world while making memories with your fellow residents. Our monthly book club brings imagination to the room as its members explore the depths heroes go, debate themes and join in the fun by stitching narratives together with one another. We also take advantage of the Boulder Public Library’s “Books in a Bag” program – a wonderful resource!

Movie Night for Seniors


If you’re a cinephile, you’re in luck. We have a weekly movie night as well as a weekend matinee in our open common room. From drama to romance to action, movie night is dedicated to current flicks, while our weekend matinee is reserved for classic films. Bring your popcorn!


Of the many things we offer at Golden West, our biweekly acupuncture clinic has been by far one of the resident favorites. Residents enjoy the soothing effects of acupuncture thanks to the gentle and skilled hands of Michelle LaPointe, a certified practitioner. Come and see for yourself.

Acupuncture for Seniors in Boulder, CO

Want to make a difference in the lives of seniors? We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with events and other aspects of the community.